Betamo Website Solutions and Inspiration

CCL Technology is always looking for ways to keep inspiring our clients. Betamo is one of our respectful clients within the online casino industry. CCL Technology is responsible for their IT issues and challenges and we will always monitoring their website day and night. This is what happens after you sign up a project with us, we will always make sure your website will be up and running. If we are not doing our work properly, our clients will miss out customers as well. Sometimes it happens that one of our clients is out of inspiration. They want to change a certain part of the layout, but are not sure if this change will do any good to the entire website. In this case, CCL Technology will discuss these kind of changes with the clients and we will advise them about the effects of those changes.

In order to succeed an idea of our clients, communication would be the key. It will take a couple of hours and meetings before we can definitely start with the adjustments. Based on trends, knowledge and innovational forecasts CCL Technology develops a design which will fit the client needs. We take a look at colours, layouts, themes and relevant content as well. We can offers many website solutions for all types of clients. CCL Technology is specialized in the online casino industry and we have developed a lot of experience within this field over the years. Nevertheless, we are always looking to expand our expertise by collaborate with other industries and business. This is also a learning process as a company; divide our specialties in more categories in order to reach out to more different clients!

Not only do we offer website inspirations, we also provide website services such as SEO and content marketing. CCL Technology is now more and more expanding our services, so that we can offer our clients the entire website package. This is also what we did for Betamo; next to inspire them with new designs, we also implemented a clear marketing plan. CCL Technology was responsible for inspire this company with brand new templates and the best way to write new content. Some clients forget the relevance of their published content. In the future, we would like to focus more on viral marketing. Viral marketing has a lot of similarities with the services we are already offering on our website.

Are you looking for a collaboration with us in order to upgrade your website in the right way? Is your website not up to dated at this very moment? Are you trying to find new inspiration without any success? Let CCL Technology help you and your business by designing and developing your corporate website! Swing by our office in order to discuss all of the activities and services that we can arrange for you. Would you like to know more about our company? Discover all of our informative pages on our website and choose between the many marketing services that we can provide!