Hosting Services at Creative Communication Logistics

At Creative Communication Logistics, we offer you high-quality hosting services at affordable rates. We want to ensure that your company has the best website in your region. Proper site hosting allows your website to be viewed via World Wide Web (WWW). Excellent hosting allows you to run your site efficiently without any complications. Creative Communication Logistics is the best in the region because we first offer tutorials before hosting a website for our clients. The tutorials can be done through our official website or by welcoming our customers to our offices for short sessions. These teachings are essential because not every person has the basic knowledge to run a website efficiently.

We put our clients first, and we allow them to choose the best hosting type compatible with their companies. There are numerous types of web hosting provided at Creative Communication Logistics. They include:

  • – Shared Hosting.
  • – Dedicated Hosting.
  • – VPS Hosting.
VPS Hosting

At Creative Communication Logistics, we recommend this hosting to the users with ample experience in that field. It is for experienced web users who want to add more high-quality specifications.

Dedicated Hosting

At Creative Communication Logistics we allow you to have full control of the web server by yourself through offering dedicated hosting services. It is different from shared hosting. Therefore, a dedicated server is fast and efficient. However, the owner is always responsible for the maintenance costs of the server. The web security of this server should be very high because it needs a lot of resources to be efficient. We offer guidance on this hosting type to our clients.

Shared Hosting

Shared hosting allows many website owners to use one server. Therefore, when you need a server that you will share with your colleagues, shared hosting is recommendable for you, and we will make it for you at an affordable price. All the website owners will share the software applications and also the physical server. It is affordable to maintain because all the website owners will share the cost.

At Creative Communication Logistics we offer numerous packages for hosting a website at affordable rates. These packages are efficient because they come with a backup system to avoid losing your data when operating the website. They include the following:

Basic package

The package is easy to install and operate. However, it has a low storage space of 250 gigabytes. For the client who requests this package, we make it perfectly for them, but we recommend other high-level packages to run your website efficiently. Customising this package is hard.

Premium Package

It is more advanced than the basic package. Also, space is bigger, 500 gigabytes. It is also more efficient than the basic one because it also has an email server. We offer it at a pocket-friendly price.

Deluxe package

It is the best package that we offer at Creative Communication Logistics. The Deluxe package has sufficient space of 1 terabyte. Therefore, its speed is unbeatable. The package is customised according to the requirements of our clients. It also comes with an email server.

Visit our offices at Creative Communication Logistics for web hosting, and we will serve you with respect.