Incorporating scratch and win casino offers into effective website design

At CCL, we work with our clients to help design the most effective webpages for their business. Among our clientele are many members of the online gambling industry. Casino sites frequently seek out our services and ask us to help them reformat their platforms and find a way to make their sites look professional and engaging.

A common question posed by our clients is whether they ought to include scratch and win games, also called Rasca y Gana games. Is it too clunky or outdated? Will anyone want to play them? These are all valid questions, and we have the answers for you. Continue reading to learn how to leverage Rasca y Gana games into your web design.

The popularity of Rasca y Gana

Scratch and win games are incredibly common, but some people still doubt their popularity. Perhaps it’s because these games are simple and don’t require strategy. It might be because this isn’t a casino game that’s played with other people.
However, Rasca y Gana is popular specifically for those reasons. Some gamblers want to risk a little money and enjoy the thrill of casino games without getting knee-deep in learning strategy. Scratch and win cards are the perfect solution – and they absolutely deserve a place on your website.

What to maintain in your website design

Of course, you might be wondering how best to incorporate the Rasca y Gana games. If your online gambling website is organized by the types of games, do you put it with slots, table games, or card games? This is a choice you should make with care. After all, you do want to make sure players know that this selection is available.

We suggest adding a new tab or page that’s dedicated to scratch and win games. You can even use that platform to include some SEO-boosting content. You can discuss the different types you offer and provide tips to players in Spain about how their bets will be used with regard to the national lottery.

How to mix things up

Tucking your Rasca y Gana games into their own space is a fantastic idea. However, we also have another solution that could really benefit your casino site and your players. Why not put a featured scratch and win game on the home page? We know you may be scratching your head and wondering if that’s appropriate. It all circles back to this doubt that people enjoy the game. However, consider how easy it is to find Rasca y Gana games and how many other casino sites host at least a few versions.

By proudly sharing your selection, or at least the most profitable option, you can engage your customers from the beginning. There’s also excellent potential to hook your web traffic by offering a scratch and win first.

Why you should offer Rasca y Gana games first

Think about what you want on your homepage. We know you want to intrigue customers and give them a deal that’s hard to refuse. While you need to turn a profit, you also stand a better chance of building loyal members if you can reward them right away with a little bit of cash.

Scratch and win games are undeniably simple and affordable to play. Why not have a popup ad or featured promotion inviting your visitors to gamble on a few Rasca y Gana games for free? When you do, you’ll be giving them an incredibly easy way to start playing on your website. It’s the perfect way to start building loyalty from the very beginning.